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hi, quick question that i'm sure someone knows!
will an 800lb x 2.30" spring fit on a 7.875" eye to eye x 2.25 stroke vanilla RC?
It's possible that it might be just a bit too long, it's about 5-5/8" in length...

I want to upgrade my crappy vanilla R that bottoms out too easilly with a 750lb spring.
i have a khs fr1500 with a 7.5" x 2.0 vanilla R. i figure i can fit a 7.875 x 2.25 vanilla RC onto it, but want to know if an 800 x 2.30 spring will fit it, as the spring i have on my current shock is only a 2.20" so i'd have to switch it out if i went with a 2.25" stroke shock...

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yes, the 2.3" spring is the match for the 2.25" stroke shock. The reason that it is 2.3 is so you can preload it up to .05" (a real small amount though...)
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