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My birthday is manana and I think I may get myself the long awaited suspension upgrade. You may have noticed that I flip-flop on the issue quite a bit. I have a new idea, and I think its pretty good. A Fox Van R for the rear and a Fox Vanilla R for the front. I'm gonna stop trying to make the spot a freeride bike, I'll get a Highline for that, and just make it a fun trail and Super-D bike. I like the Revelation I have on it now, but it's air, and I want to go coil&coil. I just sold the DHX-A. I had my mind made up on the Pike, but that would mean a new front wheel too. I can only do so much at a time, I just bought a new rear wheel. Plus I can get a Vanilla for a lot less than a Pike.

Whats the A-C on the 07 Vanillas? (511mm?)
Are the Pike and Vanilla comparable forks?
Anyone on the new Vanilla?
Is the R okay, or do I need the RLC?

I was actually also considering an X-Fusion coil shock and new Velvet fork, but I'll let someone else try those out first.

(BTW, I'll sell my Revelation 130 air for $250 obo if anyone wants it)
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