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I'm sold on the performance of my new (to me) used O6 Marz 66 rc2x.
I was a little concerned that the weight and longer A-C may be too much but its come down to my skills and fitness - Not the fork

SO.... my 06 Fox VANILLA RC2 is getting pushed out the door. (Keep the misses happy)

Paid add in the classifieds if anyone is interested in this fork for there 6.6 or Slopestyle.

Here it is on the bike and off.

Nothing wrong with this fork, especially on this bike. It just wasn"t super plush when my weight got down to the bottom of its 150 to 180 weight range... I know changes could be made but the "send away for a service" down time prevented this... The marz gives me the option of walk in service at Marz plus that Marz plushness that I love.

Sorry for the spam but figured someone here may appreciate it...




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