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This has been sitting on the Moots forum the past two weeks with no replies, so I thought I'd give it a shot over here...

Working on my build, and trying to figure out if my upper hardware configuration is correct. I replaced the Fox Float AVA that came with the frame with an RP23, and need to confirm the upper spacer/reducer arrangement that came with the frame. On the non-drive side, there is a black o-ring which acts as a dust wiper, and rides on top of the spacer. On the driveside, there is an identical o-ring which seems to act as a makeup spacer, as it fits right between the shock eyelet and the reducer, and not over top of the entire arrangement. also, the reducer hardware slid right out of the old shock and right into the new one, which seems a little loose compared to the kona i’m coming off of (reducer tophats had to be twisted out with a vise). does all this sound normal?


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