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I've just bought a Specialised Stumpjumper Pro FSR 2006 & have been setting up the suspension.
I've sorted the rear OK by adding some air pressure & adjusting as per the book, but I have an issue with the front.
I've set it as per the manual with the fork at full (130mm travel) but can't get the sag correct for my weight. It says at 130mm travel & a 195lb rider, I should have around 33mm sag for general cross country purposes. I can only get around 20mm, even with everything else set up right.
To get 30mm approx, I have to drop the air pressure down to 55psi which is the setting for someone much lighter than me. This doesn't seem right.
Something that may be related is I don't seem to get more than 90mm travel, even at the 130mm setting. This is tested by me putting all my weight over the front & pumping the fork as hard as I can. Perhaps I'd only get full travel when real world riding? It does seem low on travel when stationary though.
Currently I have a very tall bike with not that much travel.
Can anyone please advise if I should be getting more stationary travel & why I can't get enough sag. I suspect they are related.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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