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As a person that's been working on suspension for over 30 years, I guess some things I'm just tired of.

While I don't mind working on MTB dampers, the Fox types that require a needle to inflate can be a pain.

Early version had a pressed in seal retainer. Some have come with shraders factory installed and don't require the needle. Others have the rubber seal retained by a drilled grub screw, where after servicing the gas, it needs to be fully secured to prevent leaks. The problem lies in not knowing for certain how much gas possibly leaked prior to tightening the grub screw.

So have any of you CNC boys made a custom bodied shrader, with a face seal machined into the threads ends to provide a mechanical seal. The shrader would then allow proper filling via a no loss high pressure chuck. This is the best method as some of these require well above the typical 150 PSI of a normal gas damper.

So who makes them, and how much do they cost. I'm tired of making my own.

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