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Post your Fox Shox 36 RC2 Setup here

Just got one and here's the recommended set-up to begin with:

1) Set air pressure to Fox's recommended pressure
2) Turn the low speed commpression knob all the way closed (Approx. 17-18 clicks clockwise)
3) Leave the high speed on the fully opened position
4) Leave rebound at 9 out.

Go ride, dial in the rebound. Once you nail the rebound then adjust the high speed compression accordingly.

Closing the low speed compression shuts off the bleed bolt forcing the fork fluid to flow through the piston/valves. This basically becomes a zero bleed set-up much like how PUSH Industries sets up the rear shocks (maybe even forks, but I'm not sure). The control is thus transfered to the valving which you adjust using the high speed compression adjuster.
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