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It comes down to the cost for the manufacturers to equip various components.

If they put SRAM drivetrains on everything, they get better pricing if they also use RockShox suspension and anything else SRAM makes.

Suntour is frequently used at the low end because they're so inexpensive. Fox doesn't make anything even remotely comparable. And even the lowest end RockShox stuff only overlaps some of Suntour's nicer entry level stuff. Fox also doesn't have a massive pile of other components they can sell to manufacturers, either. It's pretty much just Fox/RaceFace/Easton which can get you stems, bars, seatposts, cranks, wheels and mostly fairly nice stuff.

I think you're more likely to see that stuff on a bike that's Shimano-equipped, since Shimano doesn't do suspension. But Shimano is a bit less frequently equipped on mid-and top-end bikes because SRAM has been more aggressive with releasing 12spd wide range 1x stuff. Shimano has a stronger hold on entry level low cost drivetrain parts than SRAM does, so a Shimano-Suntour pairing on entry level bikes makes sense.

Plus, at the top end of the suspension market, there's some pretty robust competition. Sure, RockShox and Fox are the bigger players, and it seems that Manitou is charging back into this space with some recent high quality offerings. But you've also got MRP, DVO, Magura, and Cane Creek playing in that high end market space. And companies like Suntour and XFusion also offer some respectable stuff at competitive prices, and Fox is bringing Marzocchi back into the midlevel space, too.

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Unless I'm blind, you dont see many Fox shocks on production bikes. Majority are Suntour followed by RockShox. Are there issues with Fox or would it be a $ issue.
What bikes are you looking at that don't come with Fox shocks? They come on Santa Cruz, Yeti, Giant, Pivot, Intense, Trek, Ibis, name a few.

If you're talking about forks, rather than shocks, these companies also use Fox Forks. I didn't even know Suntour made shocks. Forks, for sure, though without doing a Google search, I can't think of a company that sells bikes with Suntour forks as standard OEM.

I see you're in Canada, so maybe that's why I'm not seeing them....I'm in the southern colonies.
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