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Fox rp23

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can you help me to setting my rear shock Fox rp23 from my Cube AMS pro 125 bike??my weight is 215lbs
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When I got mine from performance bike there web site told me to put it in full open and put the rebound at full slow to set sag. At your weight I would start with 150 psi and see how much sag you get. For an all mountain bike I would put it at about 30% sag( when set to open and rebound to full slow ). Then put it in propedal 3 it will be super stiff you might even think that it is to stiff but take it for a ride and see and put your rebound in the middle prior to riding. Then try all the propedal settings at 150 psi. You want your rebound setting as fast as you can get it without kicking back. I would try and keep a psi that is good to ride for the propedal positions and good to ride in full open too or your gunna be always adding or removing psi on the trail.

Hope this helps; Brian
thank you guys for yous helpful answers
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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