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fox rp23 problem

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I just noticed last night that the rear shock on a superlight won't lock out anymore. Turn the dial and all that but it feels the same as if I left the shock on. Any ideas or similar experience. I don't want to spend a ton of money to fix. Thanks
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first do the simple thing, the air can maint. It's like $15 in parts and the fox site video makes it real simple.

After that, there are some shops that have some sort of fox cert on working on shocks. Call around and see if they can help you. Worst case is it will have to go to fox or Push Ind for a rebuild (full) That is like $100+ though:eek:
Uuuuh.... the RP23 doesn't have a lock-out. The lever changes the dampening characteristics and it primarily affects low-speed compression and small bump response.
It is an old one. I can't remember the exact model name because my bike is at home. Maybe a float RL or something. It still hold air and has rebound and stuff but turning the lever to lock-out does nothing. I know that if I take it to FOX for a rebuild, they change the setting on it so it doesn't completely lockout and blow seals. I would like to rebuild it as it was and have a full lockout capability. Maybe a quick hit with a welder can solve that problem! Oh well, I will have an LBS check it out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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