The Fox 36 is one of the best long travel forks on the market. It was updated three years ago with an all new chassis, internals, and has been continuously refined. This year, the 2018 version received a new EVOL negative air spring, which helped elevate the forks small bump compliance to new heights.

Learn more about the updated 2018 Fox 36 here.

In addition to the chassis updates, Fox introduced new price points and damper options. Their elite athletes also received a special race orange colorway. Available only to pros and media hacks, the normal consumer version shipped with black lowers and orange decals.

Evil Wreckoning Fox 36

The orange fork doesn't work on every bike, but we loved the look on our Evil Wreckoning.​

While we found the orange lowers clashed with most frames, a number of consumers didn't care. After receiving enough inquiries, Fox has elected to make a limited batch of orange forks available. They're offering four different models, at the same price as their standard aftermarket mpdels.

2018 Fox HSC LSC Damping

Each fork ships with Fox's HSX/LSC damper and a 15x110 boost axle.​

Configurations available:

FACTORY 36 FLOAT 27.5 170 HSC/LSC 15QRx110 - $1,049
FACTORY 36 FLOAT 27.5 180 HSC/LSC 15QRx110 - $1,049
FACTORY 36 FLOAT 29 160 HSC/LSC 15QRx110 - $1,049
FACTORY 36 FLOAT 29 170 HSC/LSC 15QRx110 - $1,049

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