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Fox rear shock install, spacer locations

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Sent my rear shock out for repair then had some family issues and was not able to re-install for several weeks. Not 100% sure of the correct order of the washsers\spacers.

Is the order shown in the picture below right, or do the two spacers need to be reversed?

......edit.....did find a helpful the silver spacers go between the frame mounts, and the black one inside against the shock trunion.....does that sound right??

2020 Trance advanced pro 2

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Silver on top, black on the bottom.
thanks.....that helped refine my search as well.....I didn't realize I may have missed getting the same type spacers in the right place on the other side too....the best link I found was for "maestro suspension......."...
this shows what I needed to to make sure I didn't loose one of the spacers for the trunion side...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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