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MTBsSd said:
I needed a new spring so I just ordered one of those titanium ones that usually go onto 5th elment shocks. It's the same size and everything so will it work??
errr....why do people ask these things after they put down the big bucks?

sorry to say 95% chance it wont fit, 5th springs are much bigger in diameter. The springs collars on the Fox will be probably be too small and the spring probably wont clear the reservoir. Manitou Swinger steel springs which are smaller can fit (barely), but need a minor mod on the collars so the spring stays centered.

do not try to run this spring if you cannot center it, otherwise you'll wreck your damper.

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I think you got the Steel version there.....

description from that site.
5th-Element coil spring*, 2.75"S x 450#
Manufacturer: Progressive Suspension
- Designed for 5th-Element rear/frame shocks
- Silver, Chrome-Silicon steel
- Listed by Travel/Stroke-(S) and Pound-(#) rating
- 2.75\"-Stroke shock springs have a 6.35\" free-length

Price: $38.67
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