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Fox R32 120 on a carbon blur- what kind of beast it becomes?

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I am about to order a Blur Carbon Medium frame. I will use parts from previous bike,all fine and sweet except for the fork, a FOX r32 rcl 120.

I have seen many using XC race forks in the 100 mm travel. Would having a 120 alter the geometry in any significant manner?

Would it alter the handling in a negative way?

Any of you guys run a carbon blur with a 120?

Thanks and keep hammering!

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our head engineer seems to be digging his set up with a 120:
Yeah mate, the F120's work a treat on the carbon XC.

You can run more sag than you would with a 100mm version meaning you'll be floating across the trail chatter.

Of course you'll hear the whinge about "the front end wanders on climbs" which translates to "you should move your body to compensate". This is not a big enough issue to have a hard as rock 100mm fork on the front of this sensational bike.
I too am running the Fox 32 RLC/ 120 mm fork on my personal ride, Med X/Cc Blur. It steers great. The only way to go IMHO. The steering rocks on the downhills, and no noticble wheel flop on the climbs. Also, if you use the Fox 12 fork, the travel can be reduced by switching spacers to 100, if you change your mind. remember, Fox fork travel can be reduced but not increased.

By the way, I have a brand new unbuilt 09' Med XCc Blur frameset for sale, as sweet deal for you (or those of you) looking to purchase the blur XC carbon! Here is the link:
I'm using a Magura Durin Marathon MD 120M (80-120mm) (1585g). Most of the time I'm in the 100mm or 120mm setting. The 120mm gives you a little more edge and stability on descents, especially with logs, small drops, etc. It doesn't impede climbing, if your body position's right.

If I was doing it over (or 'upgrading'), I'd go with the 2010 Fox 32 F120 FIT RLC fork at 1470g and forgo the travel adjust.

Hi Psycoben:

Carbon Blur XC. I am looking on the lighter side of things.

I am getting the Blur XC.... So happy about it.
Keep the hammer down guys!
Fight fire with fire!
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