FOX rolls out new negative air spring throughout fork line for improved performance and major weight savings, and launches series of successful new shocks.

Video: New 2016 FOX Forks and Shocks

Fox Marketing Communications Manager Mark Jordan walks us through the new 2016 34 and DH line, as well as the major internal updates.

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After releasing an all new 36 platform last year that introduced major internal differences, FOX has taken that technology and introduced it through out it's product line. The new 34 and 32 series forks now utilizes a new air spring and negative air chamber, which help reduce weight by half a pound. In conjunction with new finishing techniques, a new lubricant, and updated seals, performance has gone up to a whole other level

The entire line of shocks also received an update in the form of the EVOL Can, who's distinctive shape produces a larger negative chamber. This helps initialize the travel and provides better damping through the mid stroke.

They've also released an new inline shock using the new DPS or Dual Piston System, which uses stacked valve to handle different oil flows for specific compression circuits.

On the downhill side, the FOX 40 receives minor damper updates to make it more tunable and will not share the same style negative air chamber found in the trail series.

All new for the brand is a piggy back shock designed for long travel enduro and DH rigs. For traditionalist, there is also a coil spring version. Both have high and low speed compression and rebound circuits. They've also released a new coil spring, which is lighter than the majority of titanium coils, and cuts the cost by nearly half - hopefully you like orange.

If race results are any indication of performance, riders running the new fork and shocks won both the men and women's World Cup Overall and will likely secure the EWS overall in two weeks.

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