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broncbuster said:
Anyone know where to get the 8x30mm Fox hardware online? Also need the sleeve with the orange surface the hardware mounts inside of.

Edit: If anybody else needs these I got this link from the shock forum.
Looks like you've found some reducers that'll work.

Another couple of options are 8mm Marzocchi Roco mount kits and Rock Shox Monarch/Vivid Mount kits, both of which are available in the 8mm x 30mm size that you need.

Either of these kits should give you longer bushing life than will a top hat style reducer. These kits use a sleeve which goes all the way through the bushing. A spacer on each side keeps the shock centered.

By way of contrast, the "brim" of the top hat style reducer serves as the spacer for centering the shock. If you look closely at a top hat style reducer, you'll see that the end which fits into the bushing is beveled in order to make it easier to insert into the bushing, as well as to avoid scraping the inner surface of the bushing when the reducer is inserted. This means that there's a portion of the bushing (and reducer too) which is essentially unused. More force / pressure is put on the outer portions of the bushing causing it to wear faster.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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