What is it?

If there's any doubt that 27.5+ would take off this year, they were erased by FOX's introduction of this 27.5+ fork with 110mm hub spacing. This wider hub allows huge 27.5 tires like a 3.0 or 3.5 inch.

Existing front wheels use 100mm hub spacing with 100mm between the inner edges of the dropouts. This new 15×110 standard adds 10mm to the width of the dropout where each spoke flange is 5mm further from the center of the hub. The brake rotor position is moved out 5mm as well.


Fox Float 27.5+

There's no doubt that rims are getting wider. With the advent of carbon and better construction, lighter wide wheels are available now and riders have been impressed with their performance. Sidewall support is isolated from tire pressure and riders are able to enjoy more support, traction and comfort as they lower tire pressures.

Tires are getting huge too. 2.3 is the current standard but many riders who've been trying 3.0 tires have been floored by its performance. The grip is unprecedented and the speed is surprisingly good depending on terrain.

So FOX answered the call from several bike manufacturers to create a fork for this new type of bike with 3.0 inch tires. Who are these manufacturers? We'll find out at Sea Otter which we suspect will trend towards Sea Otter +.

Will this affect the current 100mm spacing forks?

No. They will be produced and will be continue to be the mainstay of the FOX line. This fork comes as an addition to existing ones.

2016 Factory 34 Float 27.5+

Blurring the line between trail and fat bikes The all-new Factory Series 34 Float 27.5+ was designed from the ground up to be extra-wide rim and tire ready.

  • Chassis designed specifically for 27.5+ wheels and tires
  • 15QR x 110mm wide-flange hub spacing
  • 4th generation FIT4 closed cartridge damper
  • New FLOAT air spring

Dedicated 27.5+ Chassis Design

  • New wide crown spacing and lower leg casting
  • Clearance for super-wide rims
  • Supports tire sizes up to 27.5" x 3.25"
  • 51mm offset
  • Travel range 110mm to 150mm
  • Price: Approx $1000

Detailed Hub and Fork Diagram

Fox Float 27.5+ - hub

Wide Flange Hub 15QR x 110mm

  • Hub flanges, brake mount, and rotor moved 5mm outboard
  • Increased width improves brace angle & wheel stiffness for larger wheels
  • 15QR x 110mm axle spacing

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