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I love SAC
(short for Steep And Cheap for you guys with dirty thoughts :rolleyes: )

I picked up some nice 661 gloves last week
$40 bucks for 2 Fox jerseys...hard to beat that deal.

Fireball in the Night
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Pro Shopper Tips

Just a heads up to everyone viewing items for sale at that site : Regarding sunglasses and ski goggles... Most of those items are entry-level quality items (how's that for polite?) and there's a major cause for caveat emptor.

I returned some Smith Bauhaus sunglasses that were pitched as being photochromic. Either mine were duds or the lenses just didn't darken enough for my use. Full credit was issued. No problems to report with their cust svc dept.

I've peeked at some of their other sunglasses and goggles and trust me, if your targeted snowboarding goggles are being sold for less than $20 on that site, we need to raise the target a bit. Not saying there aren't screaming deals offered time & again. Just be circumspect on yer purchases. Before pulling the trigger, I like to Google the item that is offered and check the Mfr's specs (which are never shown on S&C).

~ Rex
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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