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Fox Forx damper cartridge oil removal and refill

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If I want to change the damper oil in my Fox F100 RL do I need to remove the damper cartridge assembly? Or can I just cycle the damper until all of the oil is removed, turn the fork upside down with the lowers still on, pour in the requisite amount of oil, reattach lowers and cycle the damper again to fill up?

I have had a look at the Fox service instructions, they take the damper out but it is unclear as to whether I actually need to do this or not. I just want to change the oil, not inspect the internals. The forks are pretty new.
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To properly get all the oil out in the cartridge you should remove it from the fork and follow the steps by Fox. Not doing so, you then run the risk of having too much oil in the fork which can result in hydro lock or worse, a damaged cartridge
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