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Fox Float RL 120 - Extended Travel?

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I know the Float RL fork is typically designed as a 130mm fork that uses a spacer to shorten the travel to make the 100mm version. Is that also the case with the 120mm fork that comes on the '06 SJ, so that removing a spacer will increase the travel from 120mm to 130mm??

Anyone done this on their SJ 120? And if so how has it affected the handling?? 10mm gain in travel isn't much. I know the head angle will be slackened slightly and that it would shift rider weight to the rear shock a bit, but not sure how it would handle. The bike is pretty well balanced now.

A little more travel would be nice, but certainly don't want to ruin a good thing.
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I have a SJ 120 with Talas 90-130mm. Trust me, the 120mm setting is the best setting for general all-around riding. That's the sweet spot of the bike and that's why Specialized equipped your bike with a custom 120mm Fox Float and not the stock 130mm. 130mm would be better only for serious downhilling but would be worse everywhere else.
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