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fox fit damper service on the fox site

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anybody have the pleasure of reading through the fit cartridge damper service instructions on the tech site?

Under Service, then Forks

yikes. might have that job shipped out. anyone done one yet?
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Boy after looking at that I hope the fit damper system is the greatest thing since sliced bread because it is a lot of work to rebuild, a lot harder than the old open bath forks.
I've done the service to my RC2 FIT damper and is quite simple,but the RLC FIT damper loks harder to work with.
It may be complicated but I give big props to Fox for providing such a nice walk-through. I wish Manitou had something similar for their IT service.
It is actually not that hard, the big diference between consumers who do their own VS shops or the factory is the tooling and knowledge which go hand in hand.The more you do something the easier it hopefully becomes, some are great with tools and tech, some are good, shocks and forks are not horseshoes and hand grenades. Close does not count.
Yup... not that hard and also, consider the posted procedure is for a FULL rebuild.

Oil changes and such may have several steps skipped but it will still be a process that has to be done with care and patience as with any closed style damper.
I will change oil and seal this weekend; will post how was it:eek:
You don't have to go through that every time you change the fluids, right? How often is a complete tear down of the damper even recommended?
I did it with a friend that has some sweet tools. We only separated the cartridge halves, and drainned the bladder and damper. Not so difficult with the right tools. Make sure bubbles go out during the bladder "massage"
Can anyone comment on how much it would cost to have the RLC fork serviced compared to the RL with open bath? I'm thinking a once per year or once per 2 years type of service.
mightymouse said:
Can anyone comment on how much it would cost to have the RLC fork serviced compared to the RL with open bath? I'm thinking a once per year or once per 2 years type of service.
Well, push charges $165 plush shipping and I would recommend them over Fox. Their are other services that people use as well (Isotuned, Dirtlabs, etc) that may charge less, don't know what their charge exactly is.

Unless you want new stanchions (wether you need them or not!) do not send your fork to Fox!
Also, if you are planning the garage mechanic route for fork service, the open bath Fox forks are very easy to keep up yourself.
Is the full rebuild the OP was talking about the type of maintenance you would do on a yearly basis?
We were able to change the damper oil with some home made clamp blocks and cone wrenches(13,20mm I think). Just get a 2x4 and drill some 3/4", 5/8", and 1/2" holes in it. Then split the 2x4 length ways. It will fit into a hobby vise and you can hold the damper for dissasembly. Kind of a major PITA to change your oil but hey it saves weight and allows for more tuning options. I think we used a rubber glove rolled up on the cart to get a tighter fit since the actual dimensions are metric.

If any tool makers are listening this would be a nice ebay product.....I wish I had bought one of those wrenches for the top cap. Does anyone have the link still?
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