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Just finally got around to rebuilding my 07 f100 that i havent ridden in a year due to oil leakage. Since I am impatient I glanced through the instructions and sort of did it my way without really studying the steps too closely. Anyway, old fluid is out, everything cleaned up, lubed, enduro seals put in, filled with oil (20cc bottom left, 5cc float fluid top left, 155 in damper side through top of stanchion.

While it seems OK and holding air it doesn't seem as plush as I remember. Granted it has been a year since I used it so it could be my imagination and I still haven't mounted it on the bike but I'm wondering if these seals make a bit more stiction with the extra wiper or if I did something wrong. Technically it is OK, but I've been riding an old Judy on coils and expected to be blown away. It could also be that when I got it I came from a beat elastomer manitou from 1994. Also there are traces of oil on the damper side stanchion still but the tubes seemed perfect

Thanks in advance!
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