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Fox F100 RLC v. RS Reba Team

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What's the better fork? I'm specing out my Pivot 429 build, and they seem to both be pretty much the same. Anyone ride them both??
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I am not sure if the RS you are looking at is QR or maxle, but here are my comments.

I had a F29 120 RLC and then switched to a RS 120 U-turn with Maxle. The lateral stiffness increase with the Maxle was huge. The Fox felt flimsy compared to the RS.

My recommendation would be get a fork with either maxle or the Fox 15QR. This stiffness is awesome!
I have ridden both.
The Reba is a little bit plusher.
The Fox is a little bit stiffer( flex wise).(and sending the Fox to Push makes a big difference)
And when I say a little's just that. they are very similar...but they are different.
I now have a DT Swiss is plush, stiff, lighter...and way more expensive...than both.
Whichever one you can get a better deal on.
If price is an issue or concern go with the reba. You can find brand new takeoffs on ebay or CL for under $250 if you keep your eye out.
The reba rides good and is really really easy to work on, the fox is not easy to work on and you need special tools, at least i did with my 07.

LyncStar said:
What's the better fork? I'm specing out my Pivot 429 build, and they seem to both be pretty much the same. Anyone ride them both??
Sorry, this won't have anyhting to do w/ the Team edition REBA, just the SL.
I just put a 2010 Reba on my SS in place of the 2009 Fox RLC.
The REBA is (for me) a much better feeling fork. It is signifigantly stiffer feeling (at least it feels to track better) and I like it's valving better. Really seems glued to the trail. I haven't looked into the axle to crown measurement but it seems lower as well. Additionally the top of the stanchions are nowhere near the downtube. I had to use a King tall crown race to keep the old Fox from climking into the downtube on my Moots (something Moots should have addressed years ago).
Other than that one bummer might be the weird skirts on the bottom of the legs. Makes turning the rebound knob awkward and pulling the knob out for use w/ the gate adjusment is impossible sans pliers.
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I've ridden Fox a lot, but am on on Reba for my 29er and Revelation for my Flux. I found the dual air allowed me to tune the fork a lot better for my 230lb weight. Most forks are made to work with a 140-170lb rider, and the automatic negative air in the Fox just never got dialed in right. I also found the Reba to be laterally stiffer than my older Fox.
I have a Reba SL80... I've had Fox forks on 26ers... Generally speaking, I thought they were about the same as far as what they do... suck up bumps. Build quality... I think Fox is better just because I never had to service one.

I still like the old RS Duke forks the best. Not really a 9'er thing though.
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