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Fox Air Chamber Oil Question

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Hi all,

I am partially through a full service on my 2020 Fox 34mm with Grip damper.

1. I watched a video where they also put Float Fluid through the air chamber valve. I watched a video from Fox themselves where they didn't do this

but then when I watched this starting at 16:14
where someone did.

The 2020 Bath Oil Volume chart does mention putting 3cc into the Air Chamber but I wanted to get other opinions. Could someone clarify if they do this themselves and/or if it is necessary?

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There is debate over whether it is needed and in some cases it migrates to the lowers anyway. People do it both ways and both ways work fine.
I think the guys at Vorsprung suggest to do this too when you install their aftermarket air piston. Like Cary says, I've done it sometimes and sometimes I haven't...didn't feel different one way or another.
Awesome! Thank you guys! I will try it this time and see how it feels!!
I think you want to put oil in the air chamber when you're doing a full rebuild, especially when you have the air top cap off already (and you wouldn't be going through the valve stem). You don't necessarily need to do it when just servicing the lowers, as demonstrated on the Fox video.
Better to use grease on the piston seals. Grease doesn't move.
Float fluid is great stuff and will reduce friction, even on a fresh service. I always use a small amout as my secret sauce. After a couple hundred miles ill add a few drops to the air chamber to get it moving like new again.
yes it does migrate. Don't use to much and after a month or so you need some more. Its worth the silky smooth action imo.
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Put in your fork info on Fox website and check what they recommend. I just rebuilt my 36 rhythm and it called for a few cc of fluid in the top of the air chamber.
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