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Fox 36 on a Heckler?

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Is it wise to put a Fox 36 van or talas on a Heckler? Seems like it might be a bit too tall and out of balance with more travel in the front than in the rear. Any pics of one with this fork?
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might be a little like a single pivot 4x. you could run it with a lesser shock stroke so the HA is the same as the 4x. :cool: wow thatz a cool idea :cool:
The Heckler does great with 6" travel forks. I have a Z1FR1 with the ETA. To me the travel adjust is key for climbing. I also run a 5" Fox float too which does great as well. The 6" fork just allows me to go faster in steeper and rougher stuff.

SC list the 36 as one of the fork options for the Heckler and I believe the current pic of it on their site shows it with a 36. I think the Talas is the better choice for more trail bike stuff and the vanilla for more freeride.
Here's my 04 heckler w/ the Talus RLC

THere will soon be a DHX5 coil on the rear as well... FWIW... I love my suspension setup. The talus rocks.


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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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