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Fox 34 grip 2 'clunking'

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Hi guys, i have a pretty new hardly used 2021 Fox 34 grip 2 fork and as im a heavy lad i have just over 100 psi in it and the H/L rebound only 1-2 clicks out from closed due to the high psi, if i stand by my bike and sharply stab/compress the fork i get like a 'knock/clunk' sound as the fork begins to compress, when i fully open the H/L rebound the noise goes away, is this 'normal' for my high psi/rebound settings on this fork ?, thanks in advance

Edit: let air out and reinflated up to the recommended psi and doesnt seem 'as' bad now..
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New fork, I would send in as warranty repair or at least reach out to Fox tech services to get an opinion as to next steps. It is an expensive fork and it should not be making knocking noises. Could be as simple as air in damper.
Also check you have al least 3mm if space between your top cap and steerer tube. I had a similar issue with my old 34 which I traced back to this. Added another headset spacer and all was good
Hi and many thanks for the advice guys, I emptied the fork of air again and re-inflated with more cycling the travel whilst inflating and the sound is now very very faint, I have heard of having to equalize the air in the + and - chambers in an air shock, im guessing its the same for a fork?, maybe this is where i went wrong and caused the knock?, i am a total noob :S
I am thinking that since the noise goes away when you change rebound settings that the real issue is on the damper side as opposed to the air spring. Air spring pressure changes can change speed of things much like changing rebound settings. I would still reach out to Fox.
By the way, once you get that Grip2 fully sorted you will be amazed at how good that fork is. I love mine.
Hi, quick update on my fork issue, as above i stated that the knock almost went away after re-inflating my fork so i didnt contact Fox, a couple of weeks ago i went to remove a few psi from my fork and set sag again as i have lost a little bit of weight, instantly the knocking sound returned, so i did what cured it before and let out the air and re-inflated whilst doing occassional cycling every 20 psi or so, but the knock remained and now the rebound went super slow!, after a few attempts with no luck i contacted our (UK) Fox service center and sent the fork in, i got the fork back with paperwork saying they had fitted a new 'top cap assy', i thought great lets get them forks back on the bike and when i did they still knocked!! contacted Fox again and returned my forks, i have now got them back with paperwork saying the damper has had a rebuild, now they do not knock anymore :) ... a mystery to a novice like me, but pleased im all good for the finer weather :D
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How long they take to get that back out to you?
Each time was about 5-6 days, but both times went over a weekend, they also paid for shipping the second time around, pretty pleased with the service
My forks are knocking again :(, they have been to Fox UK twice now, first they fit a new 'top cap assy' and returned the fork still knocking, and the 2nd time they did a damper rebuild, and after the 2nd time the knocking had gone, i re-adjusted my rebound settings today after 2 months of no use and again its doing just the same as in this video, is this normal for a grip 2?, (I have the 34 btw) >>
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