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Sorry if this has been asked before I'm short on time for a search and I also have a bike specific question.

I have a 2016 27.5 fox factory 150mm fork that I'm thinking of raising to 160mm. Can it be done and if so what parts do I need? Is it relatively easy to do? Need special tools? I'm my own mechanic so I'm handy I just need to know the procedure.

Also how important is it to stick to the max a2c spec for a bike? I ride a Cannondale Prophet and the max a2c on the standard model is 530mm. I'd be about 20mm over that.

Why an old ass bike like that? Why not? It's a simple and classic design with a lot of mod potential. Can be converted to 27.5 and you can run a 200x57 rear shock for 160mm instead of the stock 200x50 for 140mm. Some trade offs but I love projects like that. If only I could find a Prophet MX frame in M. 570mm a2c would allow a 170mm fork. With the longer shock and burly parts I'd have and old school enduro beast.

Thanks in advance friends.
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