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Fox 32 F100 rattle

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I've tried searching but wasn't able to find anything.

I have a '08 Epic Expert that came with a Fox 32 F100 RL. The fork rattles when I use the front brake. If I look at the quick release while using the front brake I can see drop out area shaking forwards and backwards (it's not a loose quick release it just provides enough contrast). If I pick up the front end of the bike about a foot off the ground and drop it, there is a metal clunk noise when the wheel hits, I also notice a deeper clunking noise when riding over rough rocky or washboard trails. I've tried adjusting the headset but that hasn't helped (yes, I loosened the stem first). I tried adding another spacer under the stem because I noticed the steer tube was close to the top cap, but that didn't help. I'm thinking it is the bushings that need to be replaced. Does this sound right, and would they be covered under warranty? I've only had the bike for 8-9 months. If they are not covered are they easy to replace? I found Enduro Fork Seals has them for $29. Do I need special tools to pull the old ones out and put the new ones in?

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If it's not the headset or the wheel it sounds like the bushings. There shouldn't be that much play after 8-9 months of riding. Bushings replacement isn't really DIY unless you're very mechanically inclined, plus there might be unforeseen issues with the uppers. You're best off to try and warranty it - it should be covered.
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