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bikenut316 said:
What should I pay for a 04-05 Fox 100 x in excellent condition?

Chances are some bushings, seals, and oil will need to be replaced but no big deal. If you want to spend a little more to service (modify) the fork to like new (actually even better than new) condition, send it to PUSH. They now service Terralogic forks

I did just that with my F80X, which I purchased used on Ebay.....

OH MY GOSH!!!! I just installed the PUSH'D Terralogic fork on to my hardtail this afternoon and I cannot even begin to describe how AWESOME this fork feels and rides. I can't wait to take it out on the trail. It feels just like a BRAND NEW fork only better. Everything that was lacking in the stock terralogic forks, the Push'd Terralogic now has.

I'll start a new thread for the review of the Push'd fork in a little bit.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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