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Fountain Valley, bike shop heaven!

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Warner Ave in Fountain Valley must be bike central.

It's been over 10 years since I've been down there, but I drove through on business a couple of weeks ago and saw that there were about 4 bike shops within a block.
Not just ma and pa shops, but Supergo and Performance Bike. That old shop, Bicycle Discovery (I think that's the name) was still in business just across the alley from Supergo. I heard someone mention that Adrenaline Bikes has a shop just down the street too.

I wonder how they compete and survive being in such close proximity to one another?
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Well Performance bought out Supergo, so that's a non-issue there. And since Discovery deals mainly with Cruisers and BMX, not much competition there either. Now Adrenaline, that's another story, but I wouldn't expect them to be around to long. That is unless Supergo moves, which I doubt will ever happen.
I was in that area today, and it looks like Adrenaline has moved out.
Yeah I used to buy lots of stuff from supergo and performance, both were walking distance too. Now I dont shop there much now since there's a Jenson store down in Ontario, much closer to where I live.
SkullCrack said:
I was in that area today, and it looks like Adrenaline has moved out.
I knew it wouldn't last. :D
Too bad for Adrenaline. They probably thought they could distinguish themselves with all the DH and DJ stuff they are known for.

Even so, seems like a bad idea to add a location next to a Supergo. Supergo pumps out alot of that DH and FR stuff nowadays with all those BigHits and SGS rigs.

For any old school roadies in here, I saw a bunch of beautiful small diameter old steel tube road bikes on sale at Bicycle Discovery. Old Campy Delta stuff. That place seems to stuck in time circa 1992. When I was in college I shopped there. On my visit there this month for the first time, the placed looked the same. They even have some old posters up. It's nice to see them still in business. The bike retail biz has changed alot over the past 10 years.
Ah, yes, the "Bike District" (in reference to the episode of the Simpson's with the "Hammock District").
I love the "bike distict"! Good shops and good prices. and a cool little bmx shop called "EPIC" just across the freeway.
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