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dRjOn said:
its the start of a trail in scotland called the minigaig....theres a bit more info on my blog about it.

wee bit soggy that day...

i just used a wee lomo-ish process on picnic on flickr to give it the freak look....

That was what i thought , im from N Ireland originally .... definately looked like Scottish landscape :thumbsup:

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Lots O Riding

Several good rides and trips in the last few weeks.

Salsa Crew


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Some random stuff from the past month or so.

In no particular order. Sorry for the cell phone quality.

1. Up towards Lolo pass.

2. Sheep Mountain Trail

3. More of the same

4. etc

5. First tomato from the garden.

6. Mount Sentinel.

7. Actually I think this one is from a few months ago.
1 - 20 of 51 Posts
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