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Fort Ord Recommendations

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Ok, so I am going to be in Monterey this weekend and I'd like to go to Fort Ord. Anyone directions to the trails? Also are there any routes you would recommend? Are there any maps available? I'm still very new at this mountain biking thing, so any help is appreciated.
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Make sure you hit trails 41 and 50. There's other good stuff too, but I am no Fort Ord expert. Winter and Spring are the best time of year. I guess Summer and Fall can get pretty sandy in parts.

Ft. Ord trails

We went there last weekend for the first time. Go to: (overview) (map)

Trails frequently have numbered signs, but not always, and some of the numbers posted in the field disagree with numbers on the map. For example, #2 is signed as #72 (a road) on all but one sign, and #4 is something else, and the intersection with three trails and six different numbers is a bit perplexing. From the Reservation Road exit on the 68, head north and almost immediately make a left on Portola, which curves around to the parking lots. The trailer parking lot (yes, there are a ton of horses out here) on the left has an informational signboard, and the passenger car parking area on the right has a signboard with a little mailbox full of maps like the link above. We had fun on #41 eastbound (got there from #10) and #31 northbound. #37, 38, and 39 have an awful lot of poison oak, and #38 is closed past the intersection with #37. #36 has recently been trimmed, and is LOTS of fun in either direction with nice views around the area. For a first trip, cruise the roads and introduce yourself to the area - this is a great beginner or singlespeed area. Bring extra water in case it's hot, as there's not much shade.
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i just got back from Ord and it was pretty sweet out there. There was a race going on today (CCCX?) Sorry I'm a noob so I don't know much about the sport yet. I was gonna try and join the beginner race, but I didn't have enough cash on me at the time. I don't even know which trails I went on due to no map plus bad memory, but it was fun. I'll definitely be back and I'll take your guys suggestions.
Hehe I was going to say there's a race going on today over there!

Today is the final race in the series! Hopefully our man Jeff can pull it out infront of Steve.

I plan on racing next year (this year too, starting with d-ville race) but that wont really be "competitive"!
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