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Formula the One

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Does anyone know what size the o-rings are that are in the bleed ports behind the bleed grub screw.
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1 x 2 mm nitrile (sp?) oring. It's one of those stupid small things that if you got from like Mcmaster Carr the shipping would cost more than the parts and you would have like 50 of them.:madman:

You can get them from Formula usa rep Perigeum Dev 1.707.765.2770 You may as well get some of those little eclips (that fly many feet when you change pads) a master cyl bleed port screw, and anything else that is small, hard to find when you drop it.
ziscwg said:
1 x 2 mm nitrile (sp?) oring.
I'd go for EPDM as a material if you can get them. Nitrile (hydrogenated/HNBR) is fair for use in a static seal, but the more common Buna-N (Nitrile/NBR) will fail in a very short period of time in DOT brake fluid.
i was sure about that material either. I just remember seeing it on some exploded view when I was looking for some. I ended up going with the OE from Formula. I just couldnt see puting and unknown in the brake system. Failure when your 13 miles out on the trail is really a day killer.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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