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formula oro k24 vs hayes stroker ace

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anybody try either brake, the aces look way beefier, but i hear really good things with the formulas....
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No offense

to our host (Hayes), but they don't have a brake in there line up that is as good as anything that Formula makes. Hayes makes original equipment brakes for lots of bikes, but no one with any sense pays for them and puts them on their bike. The K24's are a fine brake and they have been replace by some variation of the new 'R' series. Either one is great.


I have ridden the Formula Oro Puro's for going on three and a half years and they are outstanding. Everyone who tries my bike comments on how great they stop and easy they are to modulate. I never ever think about my brakes they just work.
I was in the market for new brakes for X-mas. I was about to jump on a set of Formula's, but I did a quick ride around on a bike with a set of K24'sand they didn't feel a whole lot better than my XT's (granted they were 2ish years old, but they were well maintained) . I instead went with the ACE's due to the insane price I got and the want for something with a load of power. I haven't been disappointed with the ACE's. The initial setup was a pain due to the length of the pads and the necessity of getting them very strait, but after a brief tweaking period they have been golden. I have only had a few rides with them, but so far I am very happy (and I have an extra $100ish bucks in my pockets).

I honestly don't think you will be upset either way, just go with what fits your budget best.
All of my research on this site pointed me towards the K24s, but I haven't ridden either. The 10 Formula RX lost the fine adjust feature which a lot of people seemed to like, so you might want to look for the 09 K24 instead. I just picked up a new set myself on the Bay for $230 w/ rotors. I hope they live up to all of the rave reviews. :)
i ended up picking up the hayes stroker aces for a really good price at price point, the reason i stuck with the aces is cause they look very overbuilt, and i just cant see a 2 pot brake being stronger and running cooler than a 4 pot brake...
I too snagged a set of the Oro K24's off of Ebay from Rocky Mountain Cycles. With my Alligator Windcutters a freaking awesome setup!:thumbsup: Best part is they don't squeal when wet like my BB7's did. Better modulations too. True one finger braking.
Having tried Hayes, magura, avid, hope and formula I really prefer formula. I liked the magura martas but formula just edged it for me. Uber powerful and easy to modulate, I don't like lots of progression I prefer really small movement in the lever almost on/off until you get used to small adjustments in pressure.

Each to their own though I'm sure you'll be happy.
I've run K18's and K24's on my Niner AIR XC bike, and went with Formula Mega's , the 2008 version, on my Niner RIP, which is built up more AM duty for steep stuff. If these are going on a FS bike, get a set of brakes with the bigger pads and 24mm pots, like the Mega's.
Price point is blowing out the Stroker line, just picked up a second set of Grams for a new build. $129 a side. To each his own, but I have nothing but good things to say about Hayes.
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