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crashes in parkinglot
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Howdy folks, I was doing my first bleed of the K24 Oro brakes after having them for 2-3 years. The bleed on the front break went great got some bubbles out, took out the dot4 fluid that looked like snot.

Moved onto the rear brakes, removed the plug at the caliper and inserted the syringe with the new fluid. Removed the plug at the lever and inserted the syringe with very little fluid. I insert about 3-5 oz of fluid from syringe 1 (at the caliper) all the while syringe two is being filled with the same amount of fluid. Then the flow stops, even though I'm pushing on syringe 1. I got a little ambitious and didn't stop and pushed enough to pop the inside of the caliper (don't know tech name, its the part that moves the pad against the rotor) out and leaked fluid all over the floor.

I'm having a hard time figuring out what happened. Fluid was moving along the line or syringe 2 wouldn't have gotten any fluid in the beginning. The breaks were working well enough for a rear break on Sat (though I'm sure there was air in there before, as I'm sure there is air in there now).

What am I doing wrong? or do I need to replace the line, banjo or other part to get everything "clean" again?

Thank you
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