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For many years I've been riding Avid/Sram brakes or in last bike Shimano Deore Xt. All of this brakes has significant free stroke, so I was able to have braking point close to handlebar. It gave me more confidance and efficiency on long downhill tracks.
In this season I decide to buy Formula Cura and there is even too much power, while modulation is much lower than I was used to. Nevertheless, the most problematic for me is free stroke. Brakes has maximum braking power about:
- 2cm (front brake),
- 1cm (rear brake) distance from handlebar.
It is acceptable for rear brake, however the front one cause sometime that I am loosing grip (my hand) and definatelly brakes to earlie.

Here is a question to you. Is there any way to increase the free stroke during bleeding the brake or differently?

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