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Formula Brakes?

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Anyone have any ride experience on Formulas?

oh yeah, Forza Italia! This place is going crazy.
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Best brakes that I have ever ridden

I'm riding the K24's. They are the best value in the line imo. The pad adjustment switch works much better than a Juicy seven and it has the advantage that it will not get knocked off. You can adjust the pad contact feel while your riding. In the real world, once you have it set you don't need to touch it again. I saw the Oro puros on sale for $215 online (Jenson?). But if you can get some K24's the performance is the same and it adds one ounce of weight.

I'm riding the front at 180 mm and the rear at 160 mm. The power is true one finger. Kind of like one hit (you know what!), it is the real McCoy of braking. They are squeakless and unlike the Juicy's you don't need to buy aftermarket rotors and pads to make them work. I don't like the lever feel on the Marta's return spring. The Hayes levers rattle like cheese and the modulation is suspect according to reports.



I have Formula Oro's on my Chameleon. I didn't know anything about them when I got them, the dudes at Santa Cruz sold them to me because they weren't in any of their new kits. They are pretty sweet, super smooth and powerful. I'm pretty much a n00b though so I can't compare them to any other disc brakes.

Oh yeah, what did materazzi say to zidane? does anyone know?
RobsterCraw said:
Anyone have any ride experience on Formulas?

oh yeah, Forza Italia! This place is going crazy.
they kick butt! expensive, but they rock! 160mm stock k24's are more powerful than my hope monoM4's!
I have not used them... Made in italy is cool..

I know nothing about soccer/football, but I know that headbut was AWESOME... didnt evne know who zidane was before that that it ends in penatly kicks..:nono:

Straight from Decline:

"Formula was the first company to introduce disc brakes to the mountain bike market in 1993 and has been producing motorcycle brakes for 20 years. With the launch of the ORO line, Formula recently established a US division to increase buisness and support in the States. The new brakes are ergonomic, compact, and offer good controllable power, but can they shed Formula's tarnished reputation? Read on.

The Technology:
There are three models in Formula's ORO disc brake line, with the K24 sitting right in the middle. All three versions use the same hydraulic system that houses the reservoir in the perch and features the DRP-1 caliper with two opposing pistons. Formula's system uses a flip-flop master cylinder so that each lever can be used on the left or right of the handlebar. All models have adjustable lever reach, incorporate a braided polyester line and can use 160mm, 180mm, or 200mm rorors.
The K24 uses stainless steel hardware and Formula's Feeling Control System (FCS). The FCS is a small lever linked to the master cylinder that adjusts the contact point of the pistons which in turn adjusts the engagement at the lever.

The Ride:
The OROs are one of the lightest sets of brakes still suited for dedicated gravity runs. They are easy to set up with the help of the FCS lever and have an ergonomically shaped lever that works well with one- and two finger braking. The brakes offer good power and quality modulation, putting them right there with the top brakes on the market, but with less weight than most. They aren't the most powerful brakes that we've tried, but they aren't grabby at slow speeds. The OROs build power gradually, making them easy to regulate on the trail. When we rist slapped the brakes on a test bike, the front brake suffered from an inconsistent contact point and feel, but after we bled the system, it went away and we've been pleased with their performance ever since. The OROs offer solid performance for everything from trail riding to a day of lift-assisted gravity runs."

That took me a good 15 mins.... Character for Character
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Thanks for the info, I might try them out for my bike. Not for some time though. It was just strange that you never hear about them. I was curious how they compare to Avid and Magura especially. I like the feel of my buddies Magura Gustavs, but the weight would make them a compromise on an AM/FR rig. I much appreciate you taking the time to transcribe all that.

On an unrelated Football note. It was so crazy here last night, Lugano errupted as soon as the final pentalty shot hit the net. I had wanted to be in Roma to watch the game, the party was pretty tame here compared to Rome, and thats saying a lot.
formula brakes are very good. not going to overhype them, but you won't be dissapointed with their modulation and stopping power.

that final was really weak. to win a world cup by having the other team miss is pretty anticlimactic....they shoulda kept playing until either someone scored or until they all dropped dead...the shootout was a total letdown
Well, the worst part about the final is that France was playing better than Italy by the end of the first half and then for the rest of the game. Other than Toni's supper close header to the crossbar, and Buffon's beautiful goalkeeping, Italy was looking to lose. France subbed out 2 of their 3 strong offensive players (Henry and Ribery), then Zidane, their only strong remaining threat, decides he wants to sit out too. It didn't help France that they took Henry out for the guy who missed when they should have assumed at that point (OT) that the match would go to penalties.

I think that shootout was better than when it comes down to the last shooter missing and thats how the other team wins, unless the goalie stops the shot, which isn't often. It just funny that Italy's previous WC final also came down to penalties, but back then, they lost (vs. Brazil in the USA '94)
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