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I was flipping through the newest issue of Decline magazine today, and saw that Formula is releasing some 2-piece rotors, but they didn't have much info. I know the Formula USA guys post on here, so maybe they have some more info. I am wondering:

Will they come in all the standard rotor sizes?

When will they be available?

Will the rotor carrier be gold like in the pic? Or black too? I would prefer black.


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Sorry we missed your post for so long...but here are the answers to your questions:
We are starting to do 2 piece rotors for our Oro line of brakes in 2007. The rotors/hardware kits (rotors/adaptors) will be available and compatible with all of our 2007 brakes. They will only be coming in 220mm and possibly 200mm sizes initially and we will have a better idea of colors and pricing as we get closer to Interbike.


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