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Hey all, I am going to replace my Rockshox Recon Silver TK / Easton XC 2 26" QR fork and wheel combo and I am stuck between 2 different options.

I am looking at either getting a Rockshox Sektor RL gold with an Easton Vice Oe that has 15mm thru axle or a Marzocchi 55 R with an Easton Havoc that has a 20mm thru axle.

I am a bigger guy, 6'4 230-240lbs and the QR hub with an Air shock isn't cutting it on my more gnarly black diamond adventures in North Lake Tahoe. I don't DH and I am too old for big jumps and drops, but will hit the smaller stuff. (I don't recover from injury like I used too)

So far as I can tell, the advantages of the sektor/vice combo is much less weight, over a pound lighter than the other combo and more adjustability with the dual position and low speed compression to lock settings the other combo doesn't have. Dual position, compression to lockout and lightness would be nice on the high altitude climbs and 150mm great on the DH.

The downside is a less stiff combo with only 32mm stations and a 15mm TH. The RS does have the power bulge which I thought added a good amount of stiffness to my recon for being 32mm stations with QR. The vice also has a 21mm internal width rim which is wider than my current xc 2 which is only 17mm. (I'd like to run 2.5" tires)

The marzocchi has the advantage of more stiffness with the 35mm stations and 20mm TH. It also has a air preload which is an adjustment the sektor doesn't have, although I am not really familiar with this type of preload, and the havoc wheels are very strong with a 32mm outer rim width, which I assume would be about a 27mm internal width.

The obvious disadvantages are the much extra weight, no low speed compression and lock out and no way to adjust the travel. Fork would be stuck at 160mm which is more than I want, but I like to run 30% sag so it would ride around 110 to 120mm which is ok, but not great on the climb.

What should I do? I am leaning towards the sektor/vice combo due to more adjustability and $100 cheaper price, but I need to know the following before I pull the trigger:

Is the 32mm stations with 15mm stiff enough for my size?
Can I run 2.5" tires with 26mm wide rims with an internal width of 21mm?
Is the motion control damper equal or better than the DBC cartridge?
Is the air preload better than the mech preload?
Is the extra weight worth the added stiffness?
Would being stuck at 160mm travel kill my climbs?

So many questions it's blowing my mind!:???:

Please advise
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