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I am considering replacing the fork that comes on the bike I'm about to buy (Orbea Alma M-50).

The bike comes with a RockShox Recon TK 100mm and I'm considering upgrading to a Fox Performance 32 100mm (or perhaps a Fox 34 Performance 120mm although the additional travel may adversely monkey with the bike's geometry). It looks like this upgrade will likely cost me around $600 assuming that I can resell the Recon fork for $200 or so on pinkbike, etc.

I have the impression, perhaps mistakenly, that Fox makes a better fork in general and that it'll last longer / require less maintenance. Plus it seems like the Fox forks I've test ridden are a step above comparable level RockShox forks, i.e. entry-level Fox forks are on par with mid-level RockShox.

I'm 150lbs, 5'10". I ride intermediate trails in the Appalachian mountains (Asheville/WNC) and I don't need too much cushion because I never bomb down anything too crazy. I've not bought a new bike in almost 10 years (been riding a Niner EMD with low-end fork) so I'm used to a heavy, stiff bike. I'm not sure if this fork upgrade is overkill or not, but if I do it I'd like to do it right away so I can sell the original Recon fork as new/never ridden.

Thanks in advance for your comments or suggestions.
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