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Fork leakage questions

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Hello everyone!
Just got back into cycling after 15 yrs. Boy the technology sure have changed. :eekster:
Well, I bought a Trek 6500 disc, and after for a couple miles, grease started to appear on the stanchions. Is this normal? I've been riding motorcycles for 8 yrs, and have never seen this.
Anyways, this seems like a great forum and there is definitely a lot of catching up for me to do.


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Welcome back to the best sport on the planet!! (besides snowboarding)

I believe in the break-in period, there is some oil that will get on the stanchions. That happened on my fork at first but I don't have that happen any more. Or it could be that a seal is loose or broken inside. I don't know how much oil is coming out of the fork but mine was only a thin coating. You should double check with your local bike shop. I suggest you wipe of the oil after your ride (or during your ride) and see if it keeps happening after several rides.

Happy biking,
Yep, you'll see some oil come out during the break-in period. I wouldn't worry about it unless you see gobs of oil oozing all over. After you "break-in" your ride, this won't be an issue.
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