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So I'm planning to build up a street bike. steel frame, singelspeed, fat slick tires. For bombing through the city.
I'm not really Danny Macaskill so I don't need the best stuff.

But i would like something that conforms to this:

Air spring preferably.
Metal steerer.
Highly uncomplicated internals that are very unlikely to just break suddenly.
Easy service.
As little carbon as physically possible.
If i can avoid magnesium thats a plus too.
100-120mm or so.
Axle I don't know, preferably 9mm qr since I have a few hubs, this is not important though.
I was thinking around 1600-1700grams or so or below that.

So I had a tora with coil in it for a while. It was heavy as hell and started leaking oil the first day i got it, sent it out for repair and it lasted a whole week. Also the lockout was affected by this. Then I gave it away.

Thats my experience with rock shox.

Basically i would like some input regarding different brands and what they run internally, and if its easy to service/adjust/tune these and if they are built to last and so on.

I'm not in the market for an expensive fork but I don't really want to lowest grade crap either. Last years models no problem.
Also I don't like paying for logos and stuff that doesn't really do anything substantial. I don't care if my fork is not as cool as the latest most expensive ones.


So what brands and what systems/tech of theirs are good and reliable, unfinicky and will probably last for quite a while?
What should I look into? I had my eyes on Magura but I can't seem to find any in europe so those are out i suppose.

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want squish
Try an R7.
I ran a 2000 Mars on my commuter bike for years (still have it but don't commute any more). It holds full air pressure for over a year, stanchions have remained in perfect condition and it had enough suspension for the job.
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