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Fork Help ~,~

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ok so i failed to locate this before posting and i posted in a different spot.i am in need of a dule crown fork 170mm-200mm, i weigh 210 and 5,9, i have a Marzochi Junior T, looking to upgrade and i need some advice, not looking for a Boxxer WC or Fox 40's or Marz 888's just something i can ride and not worry about. im into FR\DH so i take 4-8 ft drops. my price range is quite low, 200-300$
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If I were you I would just convert your Junior-T to use the HSCV cartridge and call it quits. ~$200 upgrade that will really improve your fork. Of coarse you need to be able to open up your fork and make the changes but it's not that much harder than changing the oil in your car. I made this change on my Juinor-T and it made a HUGE improvement.

I recently gave my Junior-T's to a buddy and picked up some 2009 888 ATA's on ebay for $850. They also came with their 3 year warranty because the ebay seller was a distributor : ) The adjust-ability on the 888's is pretty dang nice. With the compression adjustment and the dual rate air spring your can dial this fork in for any trail/riding style you want without anything but a shock pump.

People bag on ATA saying that it doesn't have the small bump compliance of coil, PAR doesn't provide the linear spring rate of a coil and it leaks air...Then go read the MTBR reviews for the 2009 888 ATA haha. Small bump compliance is, if anything, better than my HSCV Junior-T's. PAR has never been an issue for me. Lots of people remove it but I have never had any trouble. I just set my ATA air pressure and compression speed appropriately and can acheive full travel easy. As for the leaking air is the fix.

If you want any more info on Marzocchi stuff let me know.
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