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Hey fellow AZ mtbr's--

I have a problem on my 02 Psylo SL lockout.
The day before the Double Bypass ride, I rebuilt my fork, replaced all the oil with 5w, and reassembled using the SRAM manual. Now the lockout and the compression damping do not work.
Everything worked before I "fixed" it, but was sticking slightly on compression and it was time to change oil. Never had this problem, so I'm confused on this one.

Now it's slick as butter, but no comp. damping or lockout.

Any idea what went wrong here? Not bled properly? Use heavier oil? Are the shock damping internals getting worn out or something?

Oil level might be low, or if this is a PURE Damper like some of the Psylo's used, it might still have air in the cartridge. Those damper's are kind of a pain to get bled properly.
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