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Maybe even...

catnash said:
just finished work, it's a 06 s-works model, i have a PIKE on there at the moment wondering whether the 150mm fork route is the best way to go.
a 160mm fork. I've seen several 150mm rear travel Enduros with over 6" forks, like a Van 36 or 66SL, that still handle sharply, climb well, and don't weigh a ton. Otherwise the Z1 Light is plenty strong and works well.

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Van 36

Hey catnash, I have an enduro like yours and had pikes on it. I think I've replied to one of your posts before about it too. If I were you I'd go for the Fox Van 36 or, if you can wait a few months, the new Rockshox Lyric. I was talking to Tim Flooks the other day and he rekons that it wipes the floor with the 36 and the Z1's.

Either way get rid of the pikes, they really hold the enduro back. Like I said, I've got Van36's and they are superb. With the build I have (kings, 819's, XO etc) I rekon she's about 30 - 31lb and getting lighter. Gonna go for the SDG I-beam saddle and post combo next.

Happy riding...
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