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Fork Crown Hits Bottom Tube Of Frame

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Just Installed A Marzocchi 06 66 Rc2x On My Vp Free. The Fork Crown Does Not Clear The Bottom Tube. It Just Hits It, So If I Crash Either The Bottomtube Will Be Damaged Or The Rebound Adjuster Will Be Ripped Off The Fork Crown. Is There A Thicker Race I Can Put On? Or Perhaps A Longer Headset? The Headset I Have Is An Fsa Extreme Pro. Thanks For Any Help
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Crown Race solution

I had the same problem on my X5 Ventana. Sherwood at Ventana produced a thicker (4mm) crown race that can be used with a Chris King headset. You might want to give them a call and get one. It solve the problem for me.
A regular FSA pig has a huge race. How much is it hitting? Are we talking <1mm?
Thats not uncommon. Many forks hit the bottom tube of alot of bikes, especially the SC's. I had a Sherman Flick on a DMR Trailstar and the top cap would hit the frame, I just rode with the cap off and it was fine. However its not that simple with a 66 and VP Free, there is quite a bit of touching as a friend of mine tried that same setup. His solution was a Chris King Steel Set headset as it has a lower stack hight than most others by at least 4mm without sacraficing your head-tube. Expensive but its what works he previously had the FSA Pig headset.
Hope that helped you out.
had the same thing happen a while ago when assembling a bike. I machined a washer (look at maybe bottom bracket spacer) to space the lower headset cut down. That effectively lowered the fork the necessary amount to clear the frame.

What size frame & did you ever sort this out?

Curious to know if you came up with a solution.
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