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A couple of months back I was pondering whether to get the F100X or the Reba and finally decided on the F100X because I could get a hold of it about six weeks quicker than I could the Reba.

I finally mounted the fork the other day and, I have to admit, I was a little worried about the threshold valve making the fork too harsh and uncompliant but I messed with the settings and took the thing out for a grueling training ride with plenty of fast, steep somewhat technical stuff thrown in.

After spending almost five hours on the bike yesterday, I have to say that I was not only happy with the fork but actually extremely surprised by how plush and responsive it is.

The problems that plagued previous renditions of the Terralogic system seem to have been remedied in this current model. When the fork was supposed to be open, it was open...period.

At no point during the ride did I ever feel like I was being jarred off the bike, I never felt the dreaded lag in activation that most people have complained about in the past and I never even thought about the threshold valve being in the fork once I got going!

To be honest, the fork actually felt like it was plusher than the '05 TALAS that it replaced.

I just wanted to give all of you that provided input an update and let those of you who might shy away from this fork because of its past problem that you really don't have to: The fork actually does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Oh yeah, and it's pretty darn light too! :thumbsup:
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