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Fork and wheelset questions

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I am looking for a new fork for my Banshee Scirocco and I am looking at the Manitou Sherman Flick Plus and the Marzocchi Z1 FR III. I am not sure which to get the Flick has Preload, Rebound, Compression, and Travel adjustments, but the marzocchi only has preload. The fork would be used for trail riding and light free riding.

I was also wondering if anyone has any experience with the Supergo Lauch FR wheelset, the front hub is convertible to run a 20mm axle. Anybody using this wheelset?
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i dunno anything about the wheelset that you speak of, but as for a fork, defintly go with the marzocchi!
I would go with the flick, I love mine and they can be had for a reasonable price. The launch freeride wheelset is pretty good, but another option would be the Azonic outlaws.
Wow, this thread is old and I am no longer looking for a fork, I got a used Z1 FR.
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