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i must warn you, this could be a very long thread.

I recently went to Saint Edwards/Big Finn State Parks near Seattle and then on to The Dump on Vancouver Island. And Forgot My Camera!

St. Edwards/Big Finn was great, but definitely not a place to take a big bike. It's mostly really fun, flowy, fast singletrack, with a couple small jumps and drops along the way. I rented a bike, (a RM ETS-X) that was perfectly suited to this place when in 4.5" setting. St. Edwards has pretty much nothing in terms of FR, except a little 5-flat-6 stair in the parkin lot. But it's still really fun if your bike weighs less than 38 lbs. Then into Big Finn, as soon as you cross the street there are some great little bridges and skinnies that aren't really too hard, but are fun. There's also a decent dirt kicker a the top of the bridges, but it has the worst run-up ever, especially w/ the rental's horrible tires. There was one place that was an incredibly steep ravine with a couple little ramps on it that had potential to be large (10-15') drops if one had the balls to take that speed into it. My dad had some technical problems with his horrible trek HT rental, and we had to go back before w got to some jumps that sounded pretty cool. I saw two guys with STinky's and one with an Evil heading back from there, so I'm guessing they were pretty good jumps, or the guys were posers.

So, onto the good place...The Dump. Thanks a bunch for the recommendation whoever insisted that I go to the dump. It was awesome. I rented a VPS Atomik from Cycle BC rentals, (who were incredibly friendly and helpful) and my dad got a Norco Charger. The Dump starts out with a little FR park that was fun, but it wasn't super big or challenging. It had a couple fun jumps/gaps, and a couple good drops-one about 4.5-5', one about 6.5-7', going quickly. I actually didn't do the larger one, because the bike was in the shorter travel setting, and I was worried about bottoming it severely, b/c I had bottomed it twice bailing off this little skinny to flat(about 3')

We also went out on the trails, and the blue trails were good for my dad, and parts were a little challenging. Then we got lost. Horribly lost. We ended up on one triple black diamond, two double blacks,and about four single blacks. We were in fairly far over our heads, and it seems like we rode almost all of them the wrong way. We were climbing up some incredibly steep stuff that only the most skilled riders could go down. But it was gorgeous up there, and we eventually got out of the woods after miles of walking the bikes, and some riding : ) No, but I was proud of myself, I actually rode some REALLY gnarly sections, and had a great time. The atomik was a perfect match for the place, despite the easy bottoming, and it climbed well.

All in all, St. Edwards/Big Finn=fun, fast, smooth, not super challenging
The Dump=challenging, rocky, fun, felt cool to be riding double blacks in BC : )

Both places were fun,and I recommend them highly

once again, sorry for the lng post.

peace out
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