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Riding down my local fire trail on a relatively new FS bike, still getting used to it. (Had a HT for years) Front tire starts sliding on a downhill right hand turn,,,, before I know it, the whole bike washes out and I'm on the ground.

Hit first with my right forearm and placed a nasty 4-5 inch gash to the bone.......yikes... (I'm not going to post nasty pics, I don't even want to look at it) Long story short, buddy puts a pad on, tapes it up and I ride out another 4.5 miles to the trail head.

Go to the clinic and the doc says, I can't take care of that, go to the ER...... Drive to ER and am there for 3.5hrs with stitches.... When the doc said, this is going to hurt a little,,,,,,man oh man.....

ER: $2255
Vicoden + Antibiotics: $40.06
Co-payment: $50

Insurance will be picking up the ER, but I'm sure I'll be paying my fair share...

My words of wisdom: Make sure you have one of the best (front) tires for the terrain you ride on... (Armor is also good, even if it looks stupid...)
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